Find Free Photos You Will Actually Use for Your Online Project

Photography is one of the best techniques to represent your business online! Read and learn how to find free photos you will actually use for your online project!

In design, imagery is only growing and expanding in importance. The photography is one of the best techniques to represent you and your online business in the best light possible. Also, it is a great way to connect with your customers on an emotional level!

As a website owner, you probably have spent a lot of time looking for free stock photos that you actually want to use for your online project, regardless of whether it is personal or business project. Finding the right photos for your online project is not easy and you know it. There are a lot of cliche photos or low-quality photos that you cannot use for any of your blog posts or articles. Luckily for you and for all of us, more and more free stock photo websites are popping up everyday and now, more than ever, you have an opportunity to find the right photos and download them for free!

No more wasting time on photos that you cannot use for your website or blog! We have completed a list of great stock photography websites that can offer you a huge selection of photos – all without attribution or backlinks. All photos you will find on these websites are released under the CC0 license or Creative Commons Zero license.

What is Creative Commons Zero license?

Before we present you the stock photography websites, let’s see what Creative Commons Zero license actually means!

  • The photos are free for both personal and commercial use. It means you can use the photos, download them, and edit them in any way you want.
  • There is no need to ask for a permission or add a link back to the source.
  • There are a few restrictions for Creative Commons Zero licensed photos you should know about: the photos can’t be used for any criminal, inappropriate, degrading or defamatory purposes. You can’t use the photos on other free websites or to resell them. You are not allowed to redistribute the photos implying you are the actual owner of the photo.


Now that you are familiar with CC0 license, we are going to present you the best and most popular stock photography websites:

The Best Stock Photography Websites: Find High-Quality and Free Photos

  1. Pexels – A very popular and powerful stock photography website for CC0 licensed photos from different sources.
  2. PicJumbo – The best thing about this website is that new photos are added every day from a wide variety of categories including fashion, technology, abstract, nature, and etc.
  3. Pixabay – This site can offer you more than 580.000 free photos, illustrations, and vectors.
  4. Unsplash – This is without a doubt the best source for free stock photos. This website releases 10 new photos every 10 days and all of their photos are known for quality, high-resolution, and exceptional lighting.
  5. Death to the Stock Photo – Sign up with your email and receive 10 photos within a certain category directly on your email.
  6. Negative Space – They add 20 stock photos per week. The photos are sorted by color, copy space, and category.
  7. Stocksnap – There are hundreds of high-quality and high-resolution photos added weekly.
  8. Picography – Here, you can find great photos you can use however you like.
  9. FoodiesFeed – If you are looking for photos of food, look no further as this is the perfect site for you. You can find delicious food photos perfect for your blog posts and articles.
  10. Skitterphoto – This website can offer you a great collection of vivid and high-quality photos.

So, browse through these websites and bookmark your favorite stock photos!