5 Free Stock Photo Websites that will support your email marketing efforts

Free Stock Photo Websites

Many experts can confirm that even great copies and call to actions that are part of an email marketing campaign can fail if there is no attractive visual element present in them. That’s why, if you are preparing an email marketing campaign you should think about adding fresh, interesting and striking photos. Fortunately, achieving a goal like this is not difficult. On top of that, you can get such photos for free. Due to the fact that the Internet is full of websites promising free stock photos that people can use for email marketing, content marketing or any other commercial or non-commercial purpose, we have decided to create a list of websites that you can trust. In addition, these websites have thousands of free stock photos which mean that you won’t have trouble finding at least a few of them that can help you.


One of the first things that you will notice about this website is that the list of free images is not very long.  There are other websites that have much more images. However, you can rest assured that every photo found on it is free and comes with high quality. These photos are submitted by the users of this website and many of them are professional photographers. There are over 45.000 free photos on this website. If you like this website, remember to make a donation.


What is interesting about this website is that it started as Tumblr blog. It is obvious that people liked the idea of getting attractive free photos and the creators of this blog have decided to turn it into a website. Almost every photo found on Unsplash looks amazing. If you subscribe to their newsletter you will get ten brand new photos every ten days. These photos belong to different categories, so we are sure that you can use some of them for your email marketing project.


Pixabay hosts an impressive collection of free photos. It also offers free drawings and vectors. The simple home page is the place where you will find features free stock photos. Of course, you can also use the search bar to find specific photos. It is good to highlight the fact that all images at this website are completely free and they can be used for non-commercial and commercial purposes.